Pink Lady Apples

Pink Lady is a trade name of the Cripps Pink variety of apples. Cripps Pink originated in Western Australia and is a cross between Lady Williams and Golden Delicious. Available locally since around 1991, the Cripps Pink has steadily gained popularity internationally and is now a globally recognised favourite.

Cripps Pink apples of a certain regulated quality may be sold under the Pink Lady name, ensuring the a consistant and high quality product for the consumer.

Cripps Pink apples are named for their unusual pink colour, and desired for their sweet flavour, undercut with a hint of sourness originating from the Lady Williams. Crisp flesh allied with a pleasing juiciness make the Cripps Pink a sought after eating apple.

Sundowner Apples

Sundowner is a trade name of Cripps Red apples. A relative newcomer to the apple market, this Australian bred apple is, like the Cripps Pink, a cross between the Lady Williams and Golden Delicious varieties.

Grown primarily in Western Australia, these apples are known for their dark red skin, round shape and a distinctive sweet taste reminiscent of the Cripps Pink.

While not as firm as other varieties of apple, the Cripps Red is crisp enough to be savoured as a flavoursome eating apple, and, as its sugar content rises during storage, it is also a perfect apple for cooking.


An old favourite available in a bewildering number of varieties, Spring Valley Orchard produces a range of different plums.

Plums are lovely eaten uncooked. If you would prefer to pit the plums before eating, cut the plum along its length then counter-rotate the two halves to remove the seed.

Plums are a common constituent of jams and desserts, and also make an interesting addition to cold meat dishes and casseroles.